Cow and Chicken Wiki
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Parents (never seen)
Production Information
Voice Actor Dan Castellaneta

Lars Thiesgaard, Peter Zhelder (Denmark)

First Appearance Field Trip to Folsom Prison

Earl is a character from the Cartoon Network original series, Cow and Chicken. He is voiced by Dan Castellaneta (using a higher pitched version of the slurred, drunken voice Castellaneta uses when he voices The Simpsons character, Barney Gumble)


Earl is tall, skinny and wears a red baseball cap and braces. Earl also wears a black t-shirt that is too small for him and exposes his stomach. He is best friends with Chicken and Flem and the three are usually together. Like Flem, Earl is based on one of series creator David Feiss' friends in middle school. Earl lives with Flem and Flem's Dad because his parents are away. The reason Earl's parents are away, or where they are, is never explained.