Cow and Chicken Wiki
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Flem's Dad
Production Information
Voice Actor Howard Morris

Timm Mehrens (Denmark)

First Appearance Field Trip to Folsom Prison

Flem is a character from the Cartoon Network original series, Cow and Chicken. He is voiced by Howard Morris.


Flem is a short pudgy boy who wears glasses and has thick red lips. He is best friends with Chicken and Earl and the three are usually together. Of the three (Earl, Chicken, and himself), he is the one most often sent to perform menial tasks because he is considered the ugliest and fattest. Flem lives with his father, whom he greatly resembles, and his friend Earl, who is staying at Flem's house while his parents are away. Flem is named after one of David Feiss's friends in middle school who was not good looking but was very loyal.